More NCTM Standards

  • NCTM's Standards publications present a vision of appropriate mathematical goals for all students. This vision is based on the assumption that all students are capable of learning mathematics, and it's at the heart of the NCTM's efforts to bring high-quality mathematics learning experiences to all teachers and students.

    Professional Standards (1995)

    Assessment Standards (1995)
    Criteria for student assessment and program evaluation through the process of gathering evidence about a student's knowledge of, ability to use, and disposition toward, mathematics and of making inferences from that evidence to improve understanding and learning

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    Professional Standards (1991)

    Professional Teaching Standards (1991)
    A broad framework to guide what teaching should entail, including what teachers need to know to teach toward new goals for mathematics education and how teaching should be evaluated for the purpose of improvement

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    View Curriculum and Evaluation Standards (1989)

    Curriculum and Evaluation Standards (1989)
    What mathematically literate means in a world with expanding technology and where mathematics is rapidly growing and is extensively being applied in diverse fields

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    View An Agenda for Action (1980s)

    An Agenda for Action (1980s)
    Eight recommendations from 1980 that were the catalyst for mathematics standards and analysis and development of new curriculum and assessments

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