Annual Perspectives in Math Ed 2017 (Download)

  • Annual Perspectives in Math Ed 2017 (Download)

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    Edited by Lucy West and Melissa Boston



    Using Effective Collaboration to Enhance Mathematics Teaching at All Levels


    The challenges we face in mathematics education today can only be overcome through thoughtful and collaborative effort. This 2017 volume of Annual Perspectives in Mathematics Education (APME) focuses on collaborative initiatives that engage every level of the math education community, including practicing and preservice teachers, school administrators, teacher educators, and university mathematicians. The book’s twenty-four chapters are grouped into five sections:


    • Enhancing Mathematics Teaching from the Teacher’s Voice 
    • Enhancing Mathematics Teaching within Schools and Districts 
    • Models and Frameworks for Enhancing Mathematics Teaching  
    • Enhancing Mathematics Teaching across Multiple Stakeholders 
    • Enhancing Preservice Mathematics Teachers’ Development  


    These chapters describe a wide variety of collaborative initiatives, including professional learning communities, teacher teams, peer collaborations, and lesson study groups. Throughout the volume, we meet teachers who are actively engaged with peers, coaches, and university partners in designing and directing their own professional growth. The initiatives described here provide teachers with the sustainable tools they need to reflect on and improve their practice. The result is teachers who are more empowered and better able to deliver high-quality instruction to students at all levels.


    ABOUT Annual Perspectives in Mathematics Education (APME)

    NCTM’s flagship series is designed to provide a range of perspectives focused each year on a timely topic in mathematics education. APME takes on important subjects and issues, thoughtfully considered by a wide range of authors (including classroom teachers, university researchers, and occasionally educators outside of mathematics education), targeting a diverse audience that reflects NCTM’s membership, and featuring chapters that span the pre-K–16 spectrum.


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