Developing Literate Mathematicians: A Guide for Integrating Language and Literacy Instruction into Secondary Mathematics (Download)

  • Developing Literate Mathematicians: A Guide for Integrating Language and Literacy Instruction into Secondary Mathematics (Download)

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    By Wendy Ward Hoffer

    Let’s face it: Mathematics learning requires tremendous literacy ability.

    How can we integrate literacy instruction authentically into mathematics content to support mathematical understanding? Busy secondary mathematics teachers who seek to respond to the needs of their students and the demands of the Common Core State Standards will welcome this book.

    As a math teacher, have you ever—

    • Read a segment of a math textbook aloud to your class because you did not think students could understand it themselves?
    • Cut sections out of a math problem set for being too verbose?
    • Invited math learners to skip over tasks that required narrative responses because you did not think they could write like that?
    • Rewritten math tasks to eliminate difficult vocabulary that you feared might stump students?
    • Cringed at the amount of reading and writing expected of learners on standardized math assessments?
    • Wished your students were more literate so that you could teach them more math?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you. But it’s not about starting over. It’s about efficiently and effectively layering intentional disciplinary literacy instruction into your already fine math teaching. It offers insight into effective literacy instruction, with concrete ideas for incorporating reading, writing, speaking, listening, and vocabulary learning in authentic ways into the weekly rhythm of your math courses.

    Explore why literacy is important to all learners. Learn what it entails and how you can use workshop model instruction, with mini-lessons to model thinking and extended work time to allow learners to take responsibility for honing their mathematical and literacy skills.

    Whether you are new to teaching or a veteran brushing up, this book can offer you a variety of practical ideas to implement right away. It will also give you classroom examples, research summaries, sample lesson plans, graphic organizers, rubrics, and questions to ponder.

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