Implementing the Common Core State Standards through Mathematical Problem Solving: Kindergarten-Grade 2

  • Implementing the Common Core State Standards through Mathematical Problem Solving: Kindergarten-Grade 2

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    ISBN # 978-0-87353-723-0
    Published 04/01/2013
    Pages 62
    Grades Pre K to 2nd
    Product Description

    By Sydney Schwartz, Frances Curcio

    Connect the Process of Problem Solving with the Content of the Common Core

    Mathematics educators have long worked to help students to develop problem-solving skills. More recently, they have sought to provide students with the knowledge in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This volume is the second in a series from NCTM that equips classroom teachers with targeted, highly effective problems for achieving both goals at once. For every mathematics educator, the books in this series will illuminate a crucial link between problem solving and the Common Core State Standards.

    Early childhood educators can open this treasure chest to find enriching answers to the questions:

    • How can we match the active ways that young children learn mathematical content and strategies while connecting with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics?
    • How can we provide specific game formats and engaging tasks that attract children with opportunities to solve mathematical problems that are both challenging and attainable? 

    "This is an accessible read for educators sensitive to the connections and comparisons of which K–2 children are capable."—Doris Pronin Fromberg Professor of Education, Hofstra University

    "This invaluable resource shows how an emphasis on problem solving can be a natural and effective catalyst for successfully integrating the CSSS across the curriculum. It also provides helpful guidelines for designing meaningful curricular activities that build on children’s curiosity, draw out their sense-making abilities, and support their problem-solving competence. A must-read for all early childhood educators!—David J. Whitin Professor of Elementary Education, Wayne State University

    "This book can open your mind to the opportunities for problem solving in everyday activities. I see many opportunities within the tasks to use the Mathematical Practices and make connections to other content areas.—Juanita V. Copley Professor Emerita, College of Education, University of Houston