Mastering Basic Math Skills: Games for Kindergarten through Second Grade (Download)

  • Mastering Basic Math Skills: Games for Kindergarten through Second Grade (Download)

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    By Bonnie Adama Britt

    Math + Games = Learning + Fun

    Can children develop better math skills and deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and have fun? Absolutely!

    This collection of games for children in kindergarten through second grade proves it. Games are organized in each chapter from simpler to more advanced, and many have variations that change the rules of play or make it more challenging once the basic game is mastered. Children need lots of practice to learn new concepts and math facts, and games can keep them engaged. Designed for use in the classroom and at home, this book includes access to downloadable More4U materials such as ten-frame cards, game boards, and recording sheets. And all the games are correlated with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

    Research shows that games have many benefits. Math games: increase curiosity and motivation; allow for cooperative learning opportunities; reinforce mathematical learning and skills; build strategy and reasoning know-how; teach life skills, and reduce math anxiety.

    There are games for many topics:
    • number recognition and counting
    • subtraction
    • comparing numbers to 10
    • multiple operations
    • addition
    • multiplication
    • place value
    • money
    • multidigit addition
    • fractions

    “Our students are failing math, and eventually dropping out of school, because they don’t “get” math the way it is traditionally taught. As Ms. Adama Britt’s principal, I saw that she taught math differently. She realized her students could have fun with math concepts if they were allowed to play with them. She also had her students doing Common Core State Standards thinking a decade ago. I can assure you that her students GOT IT.” –Nelson R. Togerson, Retired School Administrator Consultant for California State University, San Bernardino. Author of Education Malpractice: A Year in a Dropout Factory

    “I first observed what Bonnie Adama Britt was doing with math games; then I tried them for myself. Math began to be the favorite time of day in my classroom, and my students were able to achieve our district’s benchmarks through direct engagement and experience—the best way to learn!”— Carolyn Oleson, Retired Teacher, Fontana Unified School District, National Board Certified


    Bonnie Adama Britt admits, “I was one of those kids who never considered using the words math and fun in the same sentence!” After acquiring a master’s degree in elementary education, Britt began to experiment with math games, and quickly realized that games were a great teaching tool that children actually enjoyed. She has trained countless teachers, homeschoolers, and parent groups in the use of games that are not only fun but help children understand math concepts, develop skills, and engage in mathematical reasoning.

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