Mathematics Lessons Learned from Across the World 7-12

  • Mathematics Lessons Learned from Across the World 7-12

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    Published 04/15/2015
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    Edited by Johnny W. Lott and Carolyn J. Lott

    This book rounds out a pair of unusual activity books designed to heighten awareness of international perspectives on mathematical education. Activities in both books showcase topics discussed at the International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME–12) in Seoul, South Korea, July 2012. This book features activities for students ages 13–18, whereas the companion book features activities for students ages 5–13.

    Different countries give different meanings to and have different ideas about an “activity.” The activities in this book remain fundamentally true to the original, although the editors have massaged them to present an international model with common features. Each classroom-tested activity exemplifies some standard or guideline of the country of origin, and those standards are noted along with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in the United States.

    For each activity, the editors detail the mathematical content and materials needed. They set the scene and provide teacher notes, extensions, research notes, and activity sheets. Their inclusion, where possible, of native language, idiom, currency, measures, and symbolism helps to preserve the original flavor of the activities.

    The activities are ordered by age level, and activity sheets are available for download in a classroom-ready format at NCTM’s More4U website. The book is intended for classroom teachers, teacher educators, math coaches, secondary school mathematics specialists, and those who provide professional development.