Navigating through Probability in Grades 9–12 (with CD-ROM)

  • Navigating through Probability in Grades 9–12 (with CD-ROM)

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    ISBN # 978-0-87353-525-0
    Published 03/18/2004
    Pages 131
    Grades 9th to 12th
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    By J. Michael Shaughnessy, Gloria Barrett, Rick Billstein, Henry A. Kranendonk, and Roxy Peck

    This book assists high school teachers in honing their students' thinking by introducing them to two approaches to probability and exploring both approaches in real-world contexts. The first approach, which interprets probability as relative frequency over the long run, uses actual or simulated data from many experiments to arrive at empirical probabilities. The second approach analyzes outcomes abstractly to arrive at theoretical probabilities. The supplemental CD-ROM features interactive electronic activities, master copies of activity pages for students, and additional readings for teachers.