The Common Core Mathematics Companion: The Standards Decoded, Grades 6-8

  • The Common Core Mathematics Companion: The Standards Decoded, Grades 6-8

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    ISBN # 978-1-5063-3219-2
    Published 07/01/2016
    Pages 304
    Grades 6th to 8th

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    Product Description

    By Ruth Harbin Miles and Lois A. Williams
    Linda M. Gojak, Mathematics Series Creator
    Copublished with Corwin

    This new 6–8 companion to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) extends the popular Common Core Mathematics Companion Series, joining earlier, highly successful volumes for K–2 and 3–5. By giving a clear roadmap to and through CCSSM in grades 6–8, this volume puts effective middle school mathematics instruction at readers’ fingertips.

    The authors detail the pieces of a cutting-edge curriculum and give readers exactly what they need to align high-quality teaching successfully with CCSSM:

    • Clear insights into which standards are connected and what key vocabulary terms mean, as well as time-saving tables showing where to focus instruction for each grade
    • Guidance on developing curriculum to build understanding of ratios and proportional relationships, the number system, expressions and equations, functions, geometry, and statistics and probability
    • “What to Teach” pages to support powerful standards-based lessons
    • Effective techniques for creating an environment where all students can make mathematics discoveries
    • Suggestions for incorporating the Standards for Mathematical Practice to improve students’ ability to solve problems, construct viable arguments, use tools strategically, attend to precision, and more

    This CCSSM companion spells out how middle schools can ensure that students develop the mathematics understanding and skill that they need for success in in grades 9–12.