Thinking and Reasoning with Data and Chance, 68th Yearbook (2006)

  • Thinking and Reasoning with Data and Chance, 68th Yearbook (2006)

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    Published 04/01/2006
    Pages 481

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    The 2006 NCTM Sixty-eighth Yearbook focuses on students' and teachers' learning in statistics centered on a set of activities. Topics include the relation between mathematics and statistics, the development and enrichment of mathematical concepts through the use of statistics, and a discussion of the research related to teaching and learning statistics. The yearbook articles cover a variety of broad areas, including sections on Learning about Data and Chance, Reasoning with Data and Chance, and Reflecting on Issues Related to Data and Chance. Articles focus on such topics as examining children's beliefs about "what is fair" and using simulation techniques in the classroom. The accompanying CD offers support material for many of the articles, including lessons, software demonstrations, and even video clips of classrooms. NCTM yearbooks focus concerted attention on timely issues by viewing them in depth, from multiple perspectives, through interdisciplinary lenses, and across different grade bands. The year 2006 marks the sixty-eighth yearbook in the NCTM yearbook series.

    Update 011316 – Download an illustration of the construction of a Bayes’ Box in Testing of a Disease Problem.