Your Mathematics Standards Companion, Grades K-2

  • Your Mathematics Standards Companion, Grades K-2

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    ISBN # 9781506382234
    Published 07/05/2017
    Pages 288
    Grades Pre K to 2nd
    Product Description

    By Linda Gojak

    Transforming the standards into learning outcomes just got a lot easier

    In this expansion of the original popular Common Core Mathematics Companions, you can see in an instant how teaching to your state standards should look and sound in the classroom. Under the premise that math is math, the authors provide a Cross-Referencing Index for states implementing their own specific mathematics standards, showing which of your standards are the same as CCSS-M, which differ and how—and which page number to turn to for standards-based teaching ideas.

    It’s all here, page by page:

    • The mathematics embedded in each standard for a deeper understanding of the content
    • Examples of what effective teaching and learning look like in the classroom  
    • Connected standards within each domain so teachers can better appreciate how they relate
    • Priorities within clusters so teachers know where to focus their time
    • The three components of rigor: conceptual understanding, procedural skills, and applications
    • Vocabulary and suggested materials for each grade-level band with explicit connections to the standards
    • Common student misconceptions around key mathematical ideas with ways to address them
    • Sample lesson plans and lesson planning templates
    • Cross-referenced index listing the standards in the following states, explaining what is unique to the standards of each state

    Your Mathematics Standards Companion is your one-stop guide for teaching, planning, assessing, collaborating, and designing powerful mathematics curriculum.