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    Add a copy of NCTM’s upcoming high school publication to your registration and pick up your reserved copy at the Annual Meeting.
    You now have the option to pre-order Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics with your meeting registration. Learn to identify and address some of the challenges to making high school mathematics and statistics work for each and every student. This highly anticipated book will be released at the Annual Meeting. Secure your copy early and save 25% off the list price by pre-ordering as part of your registration. Already registered? Learn how to add it to your existing registration.

    2018 Rates and Dates

      Early-Bird Registration
    by March 30
    Regular Registration
    by April 24
    On-site Registration
    starting April 25
    Discounted NCTM Member Registration Rates
    Member Full Registration $405 $445 $485
    Member One-Day $324 $344 $364
    Emeritus & Life Members $275 $295 $315
    Student Member $203 $223 $243
    Student Member One-Day $172 $189 $206
    Group Discounted - Members
    (5 or more attendees)
    $345/registrant $378/registrant $412/registrant
    Nonmember Registration Rates
    Nonmember Full Registration
    (Includes NCTM e-membership for one year)
    $505 $545 $585
    Nonmember One-Day $374 $394 $414
    Student Nonmember
    (Includes NCTM student membership for one year)
    $253 $273 $293
    Student Nonmember
    (Without membership)
    $253 $273 $293
    Student Nonmember One-Day $202 $218 $234
    Nonteaching Guest $275 $295 $315
    Group Discounted  - Nonmembers
    with or without e-membership
    (5 or more attendees)
    $430/registrant $463/registrant $497/registrant
    Research Conference Rates
    *Include the Annual Meeting registration with the Research Conference and get the Research Conference registration at the Member rates.
    Research Conference Member $221 $241 $261
    Research Conference Nonmember
    (Includes NCTM e-membership for one year)
    $321 $341 $361
    Research Conference Nonmember
    (Without membership)
    $321 $341 $361
    Research Conference Student Member $110 $130 $150
    Research Conference Student Nonmember
    (Includes NCTM student membership for one year)
    $271 $291 $311
    Research Conference Student Nonmember
    (without student membership)
    $271 $291 $311



    What are the dates of the 2018 NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition?

    April 25-28, 2018, in Washington, D.C.

    What is the address of the convention center? 

    Presentations will be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center:

    Walter E. Washington Convention Center 
    801 Mt Vernon Pl NW
    Washington, DC  20001

    What is the suggestion for dress?

    Dress for this event is business casual. Comfortable shoes are recommended. 

    Is there transportation from the hotels to the convention center? 

    Yes, shuttle buses from official NCTM Annual Meeting hotels will be available. Check back soon for the shuttle schedule and routes.

    Are children permitted to attend?

    Due to the size and nature of the NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition, this event is not an appropriate setting for children under 16 years of age. Children under age 16 will not be permitted in the Exhibit Hall. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Children 16 years and over will need to register as nonteaching guests. To register a nonteaching guest, please visit the Registration Area.

    What is the NCTM Research Conference and how do I register for it?

    The NCTM Research Conference integrates research and practice in mathematics education and offers researchers, teachers, and school-level educators the opportunity to collaborate and learn from, and with, each other. Registration for this event is separate from the NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition and can be added as an optional event via the online registration form.   

    Do you offer continuing education or credits?  

    No. In the program book that you receive onsite, there is a certificate of attendance that may be used to demonstrate attendance at the NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition. 

    Can I register a group?

    Yes. Register a group by using the online group registration button at the top of this page or download the group registration form available below.

    Do you offer group discounts?

    Yes. NCTM offers groups of five or more a significant discount. Groups receive a 15% discount off the individual rate. Each group registration must include a primary contact and separate email addresses for each attendee. Groups paying for their conference registration with a purchase order can register online and upload the purchase order form to expedite the process.

    How do I register if I am a speaker?

    Speakers should have received an invitation to register. Instructions will be provided with the letter. If you do not receive the letter, please send a note to

    Are there alternatives to online registration?

    Registration is available by mail, fax, or email. NCTM accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, checks, money orders, and purchase orders. All payments must be submitted in U.S. dollars and drawn on U.S. bank accounts, money orders, or credit cards. Credit card payments will be subject to the appropriate exchange rate.

    NCTM accepts approved and signed purchase orders—please submit a scanned/electronic copy with your online or emailed registration, or mail/fax a copy with your registration form. 

    Please print and complete the appropriate form: 

    Send the completed form to NCTM Conference Registration via: 

    NCTM Conference Registration 
    P.O. Box 844277 
    Dallas, TX 75284-4277 

    1 (888) 289-9844 (toll-free) 
    1 (514) 289-9844 (international)


    If you have questions or would like to register by phone, please call (800) 561-6691 or (514) 228-3172 (international), Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.– 6:00 p.m. ET. 

    How do I pay by purchase order?

    Individuals paying with a purchase order can register online and upload the purchase order form to expedite the process. Purchase order can also be mailed to  NCTM Conference Registration, P.O. Box 844277, Dallas, TX 75284-4277 or faxed to 1 (888) 289-9844 (toll-free) / 1 (514) 289-9844 (international).

    How do I take advantage of member discounts?

    Members need to supply their member number to receive their discount. If you do not know your member number or would like to renew your membership, please log on to My NCTM. You can also contact NCTM Customer Care at (800) 235-7566 or (703) 620-9840 Monday–Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. eastern time, or email

    What if I am not already an NCTM member?

    Nonmembers are offered a one-year e-membership with NCTM with a nonmember full conference registration. Please ensure you select Nonmember with Membership when you register. Your membership includes an online subscription to one of NCTM's school journals. When you register, you will need to select which journal you would like to receive.

    How do I qualify for student rates?

    Student members are automatically offered the student member discount when registering online. 

    Student nonmembers are offered a one year Student e-membership and can become a member of NCTM with a Student Nonmember with Membership Registration. Student nonmembers will need to provide their advisor's name and email address to qualify for the student rate.

    How do I cancel a registration? Do I get a refund if I cancel my registration?

    • Cancellation requests must be received in writing on or before March 23, 2018.
    • For Annual Meeting and Research Conference registrations, NCTM will issue a full refund minus a $50 cancellation fee for members, nonmembers, and each person affiliated with a group and a $25 fee for student-nonmembers. 
    • No refund of any type, including no-shows, will be given after March 23, 2018.
    • Speaker fees, workshop registrations, and tickets to the MET event are not refundable.
    • Memberships that are received as part of Nonmember with Membership registrations will be cancelled with cancelled registrations.
    • Substitutions will be accepted via email, letter, and onsite registration. Substitutes must submit a letter explaining who they are substituting and must return the original attendee's badge. Nonmembers substituting for members will be charged the current nonmember registration rate. In addition, no discount will be given for members substituting for nonmembers.
    • Refunds will be issued within eight weeks after the Annual Meeting. 

    Send all cancellations via email to

    How do I register if I am exhibitor booth personnel?

    Exhibitor contacts are emailed an invitation to register. A link to their registration record is included in the email. Each exhibitor is entitled to six registrations per 10x10 booth (e.g. a 10x20 booth receives 12 registrations). Each registration exceeding the entitled amount will cost $150.00.

    How do I obtain a letter of invitation to an NCTM event?

    Individuals traveling from outside of the United States to attend an NCTM event may request a Letter of Invitation to the event. The letter may be used to support an individual's request for organizational or governmental clearance to attend the event.

    Individuals requesting a Letter of Invitation to an NCTM event must be fully registered - including payment in full - for the NCTM event for which they are requesting an invitation. Individuals do not have to be a member of NCTM to request a Letter of Invitation.

    A Letter of Invitation issued by NCTM will:

    • Be addressed directly to the individual requesting the invitation
    • Include the name, date, and location of the NCTM event
    • Indicate the individual's responsibility for all expenses related to his/her participation in the NCTM event (including registration, travel and accommodations)
    • Be signed by an authorized NCTM Representative

    All letters of invitation will be sent via email. If you require a printed letter, please contact Additional fees may apply.

    Is the Convention Center an ADA Accessible Facility?

    NCTM is committed to ensuring that our events are fully accessible to all persons. For any ADA requirements, please contact NCTM Conference Services at 1906 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191, or email We must receive ADA requests before March 23, 2018.  

    American Sign Language Interpreters 

    If you require an interpreter please submit your request before March 23, 2018. After this date, NCTM cannot guarantee requests for interpreters can be fulfilled; however, we will make every effort to accommodate requests. Please note: On-site requests for interpreters cannot be guaranteed without advance notice. Send your requests to

    Visual Impairment   

    If you are blind or visually impaired and require an aide or personal assistant to help you navigate the Annual Meeting, NCTM will register your aide as a complimentary guest (if the aide is not a teacher).  

    First Aid Station

    A first aid station will be located at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and will be staffed during conference hours. Medical technicians will be available to assist with minor medical problems. However, if you have a medical emergency, please call 911.  

    Wheelchair and Scooter Rentals   

    Due to the large size of this event, distances between sessions can be considerable. If you can get along without a wheelchair but feel that you may need one to navigate the distances at the conference, electric scooters can be rented from

    Get Support

    We encourage you to review the materials and links in this section to gain a greater understanding of the event, to communicate the value of participation, and to help gain funding for your attendance. 

    2018 Justification Toolkit

    Use the tips in this toolkit to define and clearly communicate conference benefits to your district, supervisor, and colleagues. 

    The toolkit includes the following:  

    • Conference Benefits
    • Expenses Worksheet
    • Registration Rates
    • Testimonials
    • Justification Letter 

    The Mathematics Education Trust

    The Mathematics Education Trust (MET) channels the generosity of contributors through the creation and funding of grants, awards, honors, and other projects that support the improvement of mathematics teaching and learning.  

    See the listings of current Grants, Scholarships, and Awards »