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  • Number Talks in the Middle Grades: Focusing on Student Reasoning

    By Cory Bennett - January 12, 2017   |   2017 Annual Meeting and Exposition
    Number talks are ideal in supporting procedural and conceptual understanding of mathematics but implementation in the middle grades is different than elementary grades due to the nature of the content.

    Formative Assessment: Monitoring YOUR Classroom Canvas with The Formative Five

    By Francis (Skip) Fennell, Beth McCord Kobett, and Jon Wray - March 30, 2017   |    2017 Annual Meeting and Exposition
    Our efforts for the past 3+ years have been focused on addressing the important role of formative assessment and its everyday classroom connection to planning and instruction.

    BYOSW - The Task

    By Max Ray-Riek - March 24, 2017   |   2017 Annual Meeting and Exposition
    I hope you can join me on Friday, April 7, at 11:30 a.m. at Session 424: BYOSW: How Bring Your Own Student Work Can Revolutionize Teacher Collaboration.

    Double Duty: Program Committee and Presenting

    By Andrew Stadel, Christina Tondevold, and Carl Oliver - March 17, 2017   |   2017 Annual Meeting and Exposition
    Three 2017 Annual Meeting Program Committee members give insight about the sessions they are presenting in San Antonio.

    If Math Is The Aspirin, Then How Do You Create The Headache?

    By Dan Meyer - March 14, 2017   |    2017 Annual Meeting and Exposition
    I'd like you to think of yourself for a moment not as a teacher or as an explainer or a caregiver though you are doubtlessly all of those things. Think of yourself as someone who sells aspirin.

    Don't Underestimate Your Students: Differentiate Successfully by Asking Richer Questions

    By Marian Small - March 8, 2017   |   2017 Annual Meeting and Exposition
    A teacher’s instinct for supporting struggling students might be to ask more directed and simpler questions involving less thinking. But we have discovered that the opposite is actually the way to go.

    Implement and Reflect on Challenging Mathematical Modeling Tasks to Engage and Empower ALL Students

    By Farshid Safi and Aline Abassian - February 23, 2017    |    2017 Annual Meeting and Exposition
    In order for us to engage our students in authentic, worthwhile tasks that empower ALL students, mathematical modeling represents a powerful exercise to better understand and solve real, relevant and often times messy problems.

    We Are Family: Ways African American Families Engage in Mathematics

    By Desha L. Williams and Cheryl D. Pappy - February 16, 2017   |   2017 Annual Meeting and Exposition
    As African American mothers, we engaged in conversations with African American families to see whether a counter-narrative existed, because, we knew it existed in our own homes.

    Ignite! We'll Enlighten You and We'll Make It Quick

    By Suzanne Alejandre - January 26, 2017   |   2017 Annual Meeting and Exposition
    An Ignite talk "ignites" people – each speaker is not telling their "whole" story but just enough to get the juices flowing.

    Dynamic vs. Static Assessment: A Growth-Mindset Perspective

    By Cathy Fosnot - January 19, 2017   |   2017 Annual Meeting and Exposition
    The common vision about assessment that we all share so deeply is that it needs to inform teaching. Assessment should capture genuine mathematizing, not just answers or the verbal prose explaining them. It needs to capture children’s strategies, their ways of modeling realistic problems, and their understanding of key mathematical ideas.

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