ICME-13 Travel Grants Criteria

  • Criteria for Review of Applications 

    Criteria for Review - ICME-13

    Travel Grants to attend the Thirteenth International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-13)

    Hamburg, Germany, July 23-31, 2016

    The following criteria will be used to select ICME-13 travel grant awardees:

    • Distribution of Interests.  Awards will be made to have a wide coverage of the topics in the Discussion and Topic Groups of the Congress. This will ensure that the information from the sessions at ICME-13 will reach mathematics teachers and educators, mathematicians, and educational policy makers at different levels and with different interests in the United States.
    • Level of Interest.  Consideration will be given to applicants who demonstrate a high level of interest and/or involvement in mathematics education at the local, national and international levels.  Applicants will be required to submit some documentation of this interest in their application.
    • Need.  Consideration will be given to applicants who demonstrate a need for support, taking into account the possibility of support from other sources. Particular consideration will be given to the needs of postdoctoral students and graduate students.
    • Equity and Geographical Distribution.  The Committee will seek participants who represent the diversity in the mathematics education system, in particular with respect to underrepresented groups.  The committee will also seek participants from different levels of mathematics education, making a special effort to recruit applications from classroom teachers, graduate students and from geographic areas across the United States. 
    • Potential for sharing. The Committee will seek applicants who have considered how their participation can benefit others in the US and who offer concrete ways in which they will share the knowledge gained at the Congress.
    • Contribution to the travel grant theme groups. The Committee will seek applicants who can contribute in significant ways to one of the US theme group strands described in the application and who can help make the work of the group visible through presentations and articles.
    • Contribution to the US National Presentation. The Committee will seek applicants who are willing to support the US National Presentation in some way, not to interfere with their overall involvement in the Congress.
    • Past Travel Grand Awards.  The Committee will give preference to applicants who have notreceived a travel grant award to the past two Congresses: 2008 in Mexico and 2012 in Korea.