• Innov8: A New Conference Experience from NCTM

    The new Innov8 conference experience is designed to support mathematics teachers and teams in identifying, analyzing, and planning for instruction and intervention around a self-identified problem of practice related to access, equity, and empowerment.

    This conference is a working conference and this means you will not just be listening to speakers. Instead, you will work as a team to develop a plan to address a challenge you are facing in your school. Conference sessions are designed to support you in the design of your plan.

    Conference sessions and experiences address three themes:

    • Reflecting on mathematics instruction in terms of access, equity, and empowerment
    • Developing equitable teaching practices that empower students
    • Learning new strategies to identify and remove barriers to access to high-quality mathematics

    Conference participants will use the knowledge gained from Innov8 to create a plan to address the challenges they face related to access, equity, and empowerment. Throughout the conference, experts will be available to assist teams in creating their action plan to solve their problem of practice and implement their ideas back in their school setting.

    Also, there are new areas in the conference space that are different from the traditional conference. The Innovation Lounge has areas for math circles, Twitter sessions, book talks, and discussion time with a leader in the field. There is also dedicated time to work in teams and develop a plan that you can take back to your schools. There will be keynotes from mathematics experts in the field, but there will also be sessions that focus on your personal goals and wellness.