Grades K-8 Mathematical Practices

  • Engaging Students in Learning: Mathematical Practices 

    An NCTM Interactive Institute for Grades K–8

    Atlanta • July 11-13

    Collaborative Learning to Build Your Pedagogical Content Knowledge

    Enhance your instructional practice with in-depth professional development.

    Learn new instructional strategies in number and operations, fraction/rational number, ratio and proportional reasoning, and statistics and probability to ensure your students develop mathematically proficient habits of mind.

    Three Ways to Learn

    Further develop the effective teaching practices that should be a part of every math lesson when you dig deep into self-identified content at this partially programmed event.

    • Keynote Sessions: Hear from math experts on teaching, learning, and assessment as they relate to Principles to Actions.
    • Workshops: Engage in hands-on activities that model effective teaching practices and address content standards.
    • Deep Dive Sessions: Dig deep into a self-identified area (there are four to choose from) with guided activities and facilitated discussions