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    NCTM is dedicated to improving mathematics education in schools and universities. NCTM’s journals are the premier mathematics education periodicals, offering insight and best practices for teachers, prospective teachers, and teacher educators.

    NCTM Journals

    • Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12 (MTLT) is NCTM’s newest journal, reflecting the current practices of mathematics education, as well as maintaining a knowledge base of practice and policy in looking at the future of the field. Content is aimed at preschool to 12th grade with peer-reviewed and invited articles.
    • Journal of Mathematics Research in Education (JRME) is the premier research journal in mathematics education and is devoted to the interests of teachers and researchers at all levels--preschool through college. Frequency: January, March, May, July, November. Print ISSN: 0021-8251 Online ISSN: 1945-2306
    • Mathematics Teacher Educator (MTE) is a digital-only journal that contributes to building a professional knowledge base for mathematics teacher educators that stems from, develops, and strengthens practitioner knowledge. Frequency: March, September. Online ISSN: 2167-9789

    Legacy Journal Archive

    Access to issues published between 2014 and 2019 are available at NCTM members can continue to access the full archive on the NCTM website. The complete archive will be available by March 2020.

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    NCTM Institutional subscriptions to one or more of our journals provide your institution, faculty, and students with up-to-date information on research, development, and the ongoing effort to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics. MTLT and JRME are available to institutions as print+online. Institutions that want e-only subscriptions of either journal should refer to the JSTOR tab.

    Current Subscription Rates

    Mathematics Teacher: Learning & Teaching PK-12 (MTLT)
    PreK-12: $165
    Higher Ed: $265

    Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (JRME)

    Mathematics Teacher Educator (MTE) (digital only)

    Subscription Bundles
    Teacher Educator Bundle: subscribe to JRME and MTE

    Complete Bundle: subscribe to all three (MTLT, JRME, and MTE)
    PreK-12: $407.15
    Higher Ed: $492.15

    Legacy Journal Archives
    Institutions should contact NCTM for subscription rates.



    Enjoy easy access and powerful discovery features through JSTOR.

    Electronic-only subscriptions may be purchased through the JSTOR Current Scholarship Program. Contact JSTOR at or 212-358-6400.

    Benefits of JSTOR’s Current Scholarship Program:

    NCTM subscribers also have the option to access publications’ full run on JSTOR. Current journals link with your JSTOR archive collections from Volume 1 Issue 1 through the current issue, all available on a single platform.


    Subscription agencies may order Institutional subscriptions only for their clients, and a 10% agency commission is applicable to such orders.

    Orders must include the following information for each recipient: Institution name, reference number (if available), full mailing address (either direct ship or reship), and email address (for IP address management). If renewing with a change of address, please provide the address used with last year’s order and the reference number used the previous year (if applicable). This information helps us avoid duplicate or missing subscriptions and the resultant disruptions in service to your clients. Individual Memberships are not available through subscription agencies.

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    Download the NCTM Agency Rate Sheet for pricing and policies

    Note: Electronic-only subscriptions may be purchased through the JSTOR Current Scholarship Program. Contact JSTOR at or 212-358-6400.