Geometry Pre-K-8

The Geometry section of Exploring Math through Literature contains 16 articles from NCTM’s Teaching Children Mathematics and Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, along with downloadable lesson plans and activity sheets. 

For all of these articles, at least one of the lesson plans is related to specific standards within the Geometry domain of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM). Most of the lesson plans are also related to one or more other CCSSM domains. 

Geometry is the only section in this product that includes material for all grade bands from pre-K to grade 8. Each lesson plan provides a suggested grade band, such as “K–Grade 2,” “Grades 3–5,” or “Grades 7–8.” Teachers are encouraged, however, to explore the mathematical topics within the lesson, the tasks in any accompanying activity, and the particular works of children’s literature the lesson engages with in order to determine which articles and lessons are the best fit for their students.