A Guide to Mathematics Coaching: Processes for Increasing Student Achievement

  • A Guide to Mathematics Coaching: Processes for Increasing Student Achievement

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    By Don Balka, Ted Hull

    By Ted H. Hull, Don S. Balka, and Ruth Harbin Miles Mary Baldwin College, VA

    Discover how effective coaching relationships add up to improved mathematics teaching and learning!

    Math coaches play a vital role in strengthening math instruction and learning in schools. However, without a collegial relationship with the teachers they are trying to help, it is difficult to foster productive collaborations that lead to better teaching practice and increased student achievement. This resource helps coaches confidently clarify, define, and fulfill their role as influential mathematics leaders.

    Based on principles established by NCTM and NCSM, this volume features a three-part process for engaging teachers in building high-quality, equitable mathematics programs. The chapters help coaches effectively: • Collaborate with teachers to align and implement curriculum that positively impacts student learning and achievement • Build trust and rapport with hesitant or resistant teachers • Develop collegial partnerships for planning, analyzing, and reflecting on instruction • Support and sustain individual and institutional change

    Filled with numerous vignettes to illustrate coaching practices and strategies to move teachers toward more effective instructional models, A Guide to Mathematics Coaching is an essential companion for transforming mathematics classrooms.

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