Empowering the Beginning Teacher of Mathematics in Elementary School

  • Empowering the Beginning Teacher of Mathematics in Elementary School

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    ISBN # 978-0-87353-559-5
    Published 07/12/2004
    Pages 57

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    By Michaele Chappell, Jane Schielack, Sharon Zagorski

    Edited by Michaele F. Chappell, Jane F. Schielack, and Sharon Zagorski

    Those beginning their journeys as teachers of mathematics will encounter challenges both inside and outside the classroom. These volumes have been compiled to help new teachers reach their full potential as mathematics educators, thereby improving the mathematics learning of their students. The resources in these books highlight six broad categories: professional growth, curriculum and instruction, classroom-level assessment, classroom management and organization, equity, and school and community.

    The ideas and advice from experienced educators are designed to help beginning elementary school teachers maintain their students' natural interest in, and enthusiasm for, mathematics by nurturing rich mathematical thinking through talking, experimenting, and sharing ideas. The book addresses classroom management issues, questioning skills, professional growth, and more.