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    By Brigitte Bentele, Ron Lancaster

    Fibonacci stays here
    THE GOLDEN RATIO denoted by φ (phi), is equal to (1 + √5) / 2 or approximately 1.618. The ratio of two quantities and is said to be golden if a:b= φ:1.
    The golden ratio is also referred to as the golden section, the golden mean, the golden proportion, the extreme and mean ratio, and the divine proportion. It is sometimes denoted by τ (tau). This ratio has been used to ensure beauty and balance in art, architecture, music and design for centuries.
    If the ratio of the lengths of the sides and of a rectangle is equal to the golden ratio, it is said to be a golden rectangle. Such a rectangle can be separated into a square of side b and another golden rectangle. A golden spiral is a logarithmic curve defined by the polar equation, r=aφ2θ/π where is a real number. This spiral appears in nature in many different places, including seashells and sunflowers. A golden spiral can be approximated by a Fibonacci spiral, which is easy to construct.