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    By Brigitte Bentele, Ron Lancaster

    MATH meets ART
    STARRY NIGHT At first glance, James Yamada’s Our Starry Night, on view at the Doris C. Freedman Plaza in New York City from April to October 2008, is a black, 12-foot-tall sculpture with 1900 unlit colored LED lights on its two flat surfaces. As one passes through the sculpture’s rectangular passageway, however, patterns of light appear. The explanation on the nearby Public Art Fund Project plaque read: “When visitors walk through the portal in the piece, they trigger a metal detector hidden inside the structure’s casing. This activates the LED lights that perforate the exterior of the sculpture. Common everyday metal objects such as cell phones, keys, and belts will trigger the lights; the luminosity and the light patterns seen in the piece will correspond to the quantity of metal detected. Our Starry Night is literally activated by the public, reinforcing the notion that art—and particularly public art—is dependent on the people