Motivation and Disposition: Pathways to Learning Mathematics - 73rd Yearbook (2011)

  • Motivation and Disposition: Pathways to Learning Mathematics - 73rd Yearbook (2011)

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    ISBN # 978-0-87353-661-5
    Published 03/23/2011
    Pages 303
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    Daniel J. Brahier, Volume Editor and William R. Speer, General Editor

    Teaching mathematics is a much broader endeavor than simply helping students to acquire skills and problem-solving strategies. Teachers also strive to develop motivation and positive dispositions toward studying mathematics--aspects that will have long-term effects on everything from students' confidence to do mathematics to their career choices. Each lesson in a mathematics classroom should take into account students' motivation level and dispositions and have as a goal the development of these affective characteristics.

    Explore a wide variety of perspectives on motivation and disposition as these concepts relate to mathematics teaching and learning. NCTM's seventy-third yearbook examines such elements as the demographic composition of a school; the role of movies, television, and the Internet; and nontraditional pedagogy as means of promoting and influencing positive student and teacher dispositions. Motivation and disposition can arise from diverse sources, and many factors can magnify--or diminish--both. The presence or lace of curiosity, ambition, parental influence, teacher encouragement, peer pressure, and future goals--these and other elements play central roles. Against these realities, cumbersome rhetoric is less effective than concrete ideas for implementation--this book offers a perspective to the reader that reinforces action.