Navigating through Geometry in Grades 9–12 (with CD-ROM)

  • Navigating through Geometry in Grades 9–12 (with CD-ROM)

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    ISBN # 978-0-87353-514-4
    Published 02/01/2002
    Pages 152
    Grades 9th to 12th

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    By Roger Day, Paul Kelley, Libby Krussel, Johnny W. Lott, and James Hirstein

    Approaching geometry through a transformational lens, this book concentrates on topics such as the use of transformations, coordinates and matrices, and congruence and similarity. Activities that take students through geometric tasks require some use of technology, including interactive geometry software and a calculator or a computer with software that produces geometric images and graphs. The supplemental CD-ROM features interactive electronic activities, master copies of activity pages for students, and additional readings for teachers.