Navigating through Geometry in Prekindergarten–Grade 2 (with CD-ROM)

  • Navigating through Geometry in Prekindergarten–Grade 2 (with CD-ROM)

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    ISBN # 978-0-87353-511-3
    Published 01/01/2001
    Pages 98
    Grades Pre K to 2nd

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    By Carol R. Findell, Marian Small, Mary Cavanagh, Linda Dacey,Carole E. Greenes, and Linda Jensen Sheffield

    Focusing on the important ideas of geometry, this book shows how to investigate two- and three-dimensional shapes with very young students. It introduces methods to describe location and position, explores simple transformations, and addresses visualization, spatial reasoning, and the building and drawing of constructions. Activities in each chapter pose questions that stimulate students to think more deeply about mathematical ideas. The CD-ROM features fourteen articles from NCTM publications. The supplemental CD-ROM also features interactive electronic activities, master copies of activity pages for students, and additional readings for teachers.