Real World Math: Articles, Lesson Plans, and Activities for the Middle Grades

  • Real World Math: Articles, Lesson Plans, and Activities for the Middle Grades

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    Published 09/14/2012
    Grades 6th to 8th

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    A New Online Resource for Middle Grades Mathematics Teachers

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    Activities, Lesson Plans, and Articles for the Middle Grades

    Real World Math is an online resource for middle grades mathematics teachers with over 150 articles, lesson plans, and activities, each selected because they connect math to the real world and the real classroom. Access it anywhere--computer, Smartphone, tablet--any device with an Internet connection and browser access.

    The math-educator editors of Real World Math have carefully selected articles from NCTM's renowned school journals Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School and Mathematics Teacher. Each article applies mathematics in the context of other disciplines and provides ideas that can be used with students. Whether you're looking for lessons and activity sheets to use in the classroom or you are interested in expanding your foundational knowledge of how math is used in various contexts, Real World Math can suit your needs and truly engage your students.

    Each article in Real World Math is accompanied by the essential tools to implement interdisciplinary lessons in your classroom.

    Lesson Plans help you structure lessons, including objectives, a materials list, instructional plans, probing questions, and reflections for the teacher.

    Activity Sheets can be edited or reproduced as they are for classroom use. Web links are provided to help you and your students access information and tools needed to reach learning objectives.
    Applets supplement some articles, allowing students to use technology to actively explore activities.

    Explore the Real World for free! To view three sample articles: Go to

    Choose The Biological World tab.
    Choose Human Physiology and Health.
    Click on an article and see an example of all Real World Math has to offer.