Teaching and Learning Mathematics: Translating Research for Secondary School Teachers

  • Teaching and Learning Mathematics: Translating Research for Secondary School Teachers

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    ISBN # 978-0-87353-653-0
    Published 08/18/2010
    Pages 80
    Grades 9th to 12th

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    By Frank Lester

    How can teachers learn what they need to know?

    Every community of educators, regardless of field or specialization, can benefit from being well informed about current research findings. A considerable amount of mathematics education research exists to inform teachers and administrators about teaching and learning mathematics.

    Research can show what is possible and what looks promising. It can demonstrate what is possible for students—what they can learn under specific kinds of conditions. Research can show that students can reach certain goals and that some kinds of instruction are especially effective in helping them get there.

    Learn how to use current research to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics.

    The Teaching and Learning Mathematics series presents ideas from research to improve mathematics education in schools. Each book presents findings from research to enhance the quality of classroom mathematics teaching and learning.

    Translating Research for Secondary School Teachers contains twelve stand-alone articles, each with a list of references, which put current research into the hands of school teachers. Each article addresses key practitioner-generated questions with brief, direct answers, devoid of technical language and theory. It also includes a “How to Use this Book” section that provides specific suggestions for using the book in professional development workshops and for making policy decisions.