The Common Core Mathematics Standards: Transforming Practice Through Team Leadership

  • The Common Core Mathematics Standards: Transforming Practice Through Team Leadership

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    Published 05/01/2012
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    By Ted Hull, Ruth Harbin Miles, Don Balka

    Transform math instruction with effective CCSS leadership

    The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for mathematics describe the “habits of mind” that teachers should develop in their students without which the content standards cannot be successfully implemented. This professional development resource helps principals and math leaders grapple with the changes that must be addressed so that teachers can implement the practices required by the CCSS.

    Features include:

    • A clear explanation of the CCSS for Mathematical Practice 
    • Techniques to help leadership teams collaboratively implement and maintain the new standards 
    • A proficiency matrix with examples of instructional strategies for helping students reach competency in each standard 
    • An example of how a fourth-grade classroom might implement the CCSS

     Readers will find reproducible, pullout tools to help with the change process, including an instructional sequence chart. A comprehensive and easy-to-use resource for teachers, district and school leaders, and mathematics curriculum coordinators, The Common Core Mathematics Standards provides the definitive road map for leading the change necessary to align math instruction with best practices.

    “This book provides clear and focused guidance for school-and district-based leaders to help teachers incorporate the Common Core State Standards in mathematics. The supports help leaders regardless of their personal experience in teaching mathematics.”—Edward C. Nolan, Mathematics Supervisor, PreK-12, Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, MD

    “This text is a great resource for administrators and math curriculum leaders alike; practical, relevant, and timely." —D. Allan Bruner, Science Chair Colton High School, OR

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