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    100 Favorite Calendar Problems Poster

    NCTM has created a colorful poster of 100 of our readers' favorite problems from the Mathematics Teacher's"Calendar." The poster is designed for classroom use and has answers on the back. read more.
    Publication $2.00
    A History of School Mathematics (Two-Volume Set)

    This two-volume historical record of mathematics education in the United States and Canada serves not only as a partial guide to present actions but as a tool to better understand who we are. read more.
    Publication $63.00
    Computer Algebra Systems in Secondary School Mathematics Education

    This stimulating resource for learning more about using computer algebra systems (CAS) tools at the secondary school level incorporates examples, problems, and solutions that make use of CAS capabilities... read more.
    Publication 9th to 12th $15.00
    Light Blue Do Math T-Shirt - Small

    Declare your love of math with the new small "Do Math" t-shirt. With vibrant images and the proclamation "Do Math...And You Can Do Anything!" this t-shirt will draw the eyes and interest of your students. read more.
    Publication $8.00
    Logo and Geometry, JRME Monograph #10

    This monograph details the research, results, and implications of the LOGO Geometry Project. read more.
    Publication $9.95
    Mathematics Assessment Literacy: Concepts and Terms in Large-Scale Assessment

    This booklet aims to help explain the terms used in talking about assessment, and how those terms apply to the current forms of assessment. read more.
    Publication $12.00
    Mission Mathematics II: Grades 3–5 (with CD-ROM)

    Students reason and communicate, identify and explore patterns and relationships, apply problem-solving strategies, discover connections with other mathematical concepts, and explore cross-disciplinary... read more.
    Publication 3rd to 5th $11.00
    Mission Mathematics II: Prekindergarten–Grade 2 (with CD-ROM)

    Young children engage in interactions with fundamental mathematical ideas; reason and communicate; identify and explore patterns and relationships; apply problem-solving strategies; and discover connections... read more.
    Publication Pre K to 2nd $11.00
    NCTM Communications Guide: Expanding our Reach

    This guide offers helpful advice on how to interact with the news media and how to advocate for mathematics education on legislative and policy issues. read more.
    Publication $8.00
    NCTM Piggy Bank

    NCTM Piggy Bank read more.
    Publication $4.00
    Roles of Representation in School Mathematics, 63rd Yearbook (2001)

    The focus of NCTM's 2001 Yearbook is one aspect of how students learn mathematics–in particular, how they learn to form abstractions and build mathematical representations of phenomena. read more.
    Publication $12.00
    Teaching Mathematics through Problem Solving: Prekindergarten–Grade 6

    This volume and its companion for grades 6–12 furnish the coherence and direction that teachers need to use problem solving to teach mathematics. read more.
    Publication 3rd to 5th, Pre K to 2nd $42.95
    Technology-Supported Mathematics Learning Environments 67th Yearbook (2005)

    NCTM's Sixty-seventh Yearbook reports on the impact of technology, furnishes a rich context in which to observe the use of technology to help students better understand mathematics, and gives us all a... read more.
    Publication $19.00
    Thinking and Reasoning with Data and Chance, 68th Yearbook (2006)

    Topics include the relation between mathematics and statistics, the development and enrichment of mathematical concepts through the use of statistics, and a discussion of the research related to teaching... read more.
    Publication $15.00
    1 - 14 of 14 results