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How-To Pages

Help  Printing a Document  Saving Files 
Exit  Accessing Data Sets  Reopening Entry Page 


A complete Help file including support for tools and apps is available:
Online as PDF
•Under “Info” on the Entry screen
•Clicking the Help icon in the row of icons under the menus

Printing a Document

Printing can be initiated by:
•Clicking the Printer icon in the row of icons under the menus (when present)
•Using the Control-P or Command-P key sequence on your keyboard
•Using the Print command from the File menu

Saving Files

Saving your file can be initiated by:
•Clicking the Save icon in the row of icons under the menus (when present)
•Using the Control-S or Command-S key sequence on your keyboard
•Using the Save command from the File menu

Along with location and title, the user should select a file format from .txt, .cmt, .gif, and .text, depending upon what they are trying to save.

Save/Copy GIF image
Synthetic and Coordinate Geometry tools and related apps may often include a “Save as GIF image” or “Copy to Clipboard” feature. These are available under the File menu. The Graph menu of CAS also allows copying to the clipboard. “Copy to Clipboard” is useful for placing images in other documents.


Under the File menu, choose the Exit command to close all open windows and quit Core Math Tools. Unsaved contents of any open sketches will be lost.

Accessing Data Sets

Data sets included with Core Math Tools can be accessed through the Spreadsheet Tool (link to app), the Data Analysis Tool (link to app), or the CAS Tool’s Home screen (in File menu) (link to app). The Data menu gives access to the built-in data sets.

Data sets are categorized:

Within the apps, data may be sorted alphabetically by title if there are a large number of data sets of that type.

A full list of data sets including a brief description of the data, its source, and suggested uses is available.

Reopening Entry Page

It is best to leave the Entry Page open and minimize so it can be recalled as needed. However, if all additional windows are closed, the Entry Page automatically reappears. If all windows are inadvertently closed, relaunch Core Math Tools to return to the Entry Page.

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