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4.5 Learning about Number Relationships and Properties of Numbers Using Calculators and Hundred Boards

The following links to an updated e-example containing the two activities from the original applets.

A major learning goal for students in the primary grades is to develop an understanding of properties of, and relationships among, numbers. Building on students' intuitive understandings of patterns and number relationships, teachers can further the development of number concepts and logical reasoning as described in the Number and Operations and Reasoning and Proof Standards.

4.5-50x50.jpg  Learning about Number Relationships (4.5)

Students can find and create up to four number patterns in this two-part e-example by using a calculator or by shading in values in rectangular grids up to a value of 100. 



The two-part example below contains the original applets which conform more closely to the pointers in the book. 

Virtual hundred boards and calculators furnish a visual way of highlighting and displaying various patterns and relationships among numbers. Using calculators and hundred boards together, teachers can encourage students to communicate their thinking with others, as discussed in the Communication Standard.

4-5_DisplayingNumberPatterns  Displaying Number Patterns (4.5.1)
The same patterns are displayed on a calculator and on a hundred board simultaneously.
4-5_Patterns100Beyond  Patterns to 100 and Beyond (4.5.2)
Students examine number patterns, using a calculator to move beyond 100.



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