Curriculum Materials Analysis Tools

Curriculum Materials Analysis Tools provide framework and strategy using objective measures and information to guide selection of mathematics curriculum materials. Process is based on evidence of the materials’ alignment with the CCSSM and support for implementation of the CCSSM in classrooms.

The tools include:

  • User’s Guide
  • Tool 1 – Mathematics Content Alignment (K-5, 6-8, 9-12)
  • Tool 2 – Standards for Mathematical Practices Alignment
  • Tool 3 – Overarching Considerations – Equity, Assessment, and Technology
  • Professional Development Facilitator Guide, and
  • Facilitator Guide PowerPoint slides

Making it Happen

Making it Happen is a guide for teachers, teacher leaders, and supervisors that identifies and highlights the ways in which NCTM resources can support them as they implement and supplement the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) in their states. NCTM resources include: Principles and Standards, Curriculum Focal Points, Essential Understandings, Navigations, Illuminations, and more.

Great Tasks for Mathematics

Great Tasks for Mathematics is a collection of tasks/student experiences to support implementation of the CCSS developed by NCSM. Each task includes:

  • Teacher Notes that provide an overview of the task, the Common Core State Standards Content and Practices standards that the task requires
  • Activity Launch that addresses key prerequisite understandings and assesses student readiness for the task
  • Core Task with which students are expected, individually and collaboratively, to wrestle
  • Extension Activities