• Apr 12, 2021 02:00 PM

Understanding and Reframing “Learning Loss” in Mathematics: Goals, Policies, and Practices for Strengths-Oriented and Equitable Solutions

Presented by Donna Leak , Levi Patrick and Zachary Champagne

During the past year, states, provinces, districts, schools, teachers, and students have grappled with mathematics teaching and learning during the COVID pandemic. Some have thrived. Others have found the experience challenging, untenable, or impossible to navigate, often at no fault of their own as the loss of hands-on and in-person group learning coupled with inconsistent access and instruction. This two-part event will address how a range of leaders have been working to address “learning loss,” which may be better thought of as unfinished learning, and how to think about, organize, and define their goals; implement new practices and avoid other practices; use and shape policies; and create positive opportunities for their students. The briefing, 2 p.m. EDT, will focus on the opportunities and challenges associated with the American Rescue Plan and other funds accessible to states, districts, and schools. Experts along with a panel of state, district, and school leaders will discuss their goals, plans, questions, and concerns. During the discussion, 7 p.m. EDT, teachers, leaders, administrators, and policy makers will collaborate in facilitated groups. Each group will address a topic from the panel discussion, such as structures for accelerating student learning, content prioritization, or professional development necessary for teachers to successfully implement new ideas. Join a range of school and mathematics leaders along with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, NCSM: Leadership in Mathematics Education, and the Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics as we provide insights, stories, and methods; share the questions and concerns we are pondering; and brainstorm strategies for supporting each and every student as we build a better normal for mathematics learning.

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