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Victoria Bill, resident fellow with the Institute for Learning (IFL), is the chair of the IFL mathematics team. She designs professional development in mathematics, curriculum, student performance assessments, and teaching and learning tools. Additionally, she facilitates district professional development.
With the support from the Institute of Education Sciences, Bill worked with researchers from the Learning Research & Development Center (LRDC), the IFL, and the Tennessee Department of Education on the design and implementation of an Instructional Mathematics Coaching Model. Several new publications have been written, including Learning to Leverage Coaching for Instructional Improvement at Scale: Adaptive Integration in the TN Mathematics Coaching Project, Tennessee Scales Up Improved Math Instruction Through Coaching and recently Relationship of Coach-Teacher Planning Sessions to Quality of Mathematics Lessons. With research findings indicating the effectiveness of the coaching model, Bill is creating an online coaching model, to be ready in the fall of 2018.

In collaboration with DeAnn Huinker, Bill wrote a book entitled Taking Action: Implementing the Effective Teaching Practices in Grades K-5, NCTM. Bill has spoken recently at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, National Supervisors of Mathematics, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Research Conference, and the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators. She has taught Elementary Mathematics Methods at the University of Pittsburgh and has worked as an elementary principal. She has also taught principal courses for aspiring principals, and she is currently teaching an EdD foundations course at the University of Pittsburgh, which focuses on the use of improvement science.

Victoria Bill.

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