Clayton Edwards

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I am an Iowa State Graduate and a holder of a Master's Degree focused solely on Middle Level Mathematics (UNI). I also hold a Middle Level Endorsement. My latest degree is also from UNI, in which I received my doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction and was awarded the 2014 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation. I was also recently awarded the Yager Exemplary Teaching Award for 2014.

Throughout my undergraduate and graduate experiences, I have learned many methods aimed at helping your student be the best they can be in mathematics. In my classroom, I believe in using a mixture of traditional and reform methods to solidify understanding and engage their mathematical minds. I am a firm believer in differentiation so your student will not get bored with the curriculum. Pretesting occurs frequently. Students are often in different places within the curriculum, and multiple units can be seen happening in the classroom on most days.

Clayton Edwards.

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Jun 04, 2020 07:06 PM EDT

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