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Beatrice (Bea) Moore Luchin, PhD, is a lifelong mathematics educator. She has secondary certification in mathematics, Spanish, and speech, allowing her to serve diverse populations, especially English Language Learners, as a teacher with Houston ISD, Houston Community College, Crowley ISD, and Tarrant County College.

Her career includes roles as a consultant, mathematics supervisor, The College Board Equity 2000 Site Coordinator, Lamar University Teacher Quality grant external evaluator, TXASCD consultant, and instructor for the Bureau of Education and Research in Bellevue, Washington.

Luchin has been involved in a variety of publications & other creative works. She served as the chair of the editorial panel of NCTM’s Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School and editor of its first Focus Issue on algebra.

Luchin’s professional activities and awards include member of the Board of Directors of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics; Benjamin Banneker Association’s first Southwest Regional Representative; Past President 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award, and current Executive Director; Governor Rick Perry’s Math Initiative Advisory Board, 2002-2006; CAMT Program Chair; recipient of the Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics E. Glenadine Gibb Award for 2015; TXASCD George H. Brownlee Leadership Award for exemplary leadership in instruction, curriculum and professional development contributions; original Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) 6-8 Mathematics Writing Team; TEKS Refinement Grades 6-8 Mathematics Trainer of Trainers Writing Team; Houston Business Committee for Educational Excellence Award winner; Fort Worth/College Board Certificate of Achievement in Academic Excellence; Houston ISD Teacher of the Year Finalist; Recipient of three Houston Business Committee for Educational Excellence grants; and Fort Worth Business Alliance Educational Leadership Award.

Beatrice Moore Luchin.

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Unlocking Mathematical Potential: Integrating Equity, Executive Function, and Culturally Responsive Practices (Open to All)

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