Past Recordings

How to Create and Use Open Questions in Math Class (sponsored by Savvas)

Presented by: Marian Small,

In this webinar, we will open a discussion on how you can use open questions to assess deeper understanding as well as procedural fluency while manageably differentiating instruction for all students. We discuss how all students, from those who have more difficulty to those who have no difficulty, benefit from these questions and what to do after students answer the initial open question you present. Finally, we’ll share strategies for getting students and parents comfortable with open questions as well as how to turn your existing closed questions into open questions.
McGraw Hill and Reveal Math

Classroom Conversations: Human Conics (Open to All)

Presented by: Mary Velez,

Join Mary Velez, a high school math educator, as she shares her challenges and triumphs using NCTM’s Human Conics Illuminations lesson with her secondary students. Engage and interact with other participants by sharing how you might use this resource and similar resources from NCTM in your own classroom.

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