Past Recordings

May MTLT Teacher Talk

Presented by:

Please join the MTLT Teacher Talk on May 7 to discuss the article “Assessment: Another Perspective on Concept Maps: Empowering Students" by Sandra Wilcox and Marie Sahloff, from the legacy journal Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School.

Literary Math: Cultivating Equity in a Balanced Math Classroom

Presented by: TJ Jemison,

Dive into 'Literary Math' and discover how integrating children's literature can foster equity in your math classroom. Explore strategies for creating a balanced math block where all students thrive and are engaged regardless of background or ability. Join us to cultivate an inclusive learning culture that empowers every learner.

Let’s Give Them Something to Read, Write, and Talk About in Math Class!

Presented by: Latrenda Knighten,

To support the mathematics learning of all students, effective teachers establish an environment where students regularly engage in a variety of activities that help them make sense of mathematics. These activities can be instrumental in helping students develop an understanding of math content and language while learning new concepts.

In this session, participants will explore instructional strategies and activities that integrate literacy in math classrooms by providing students with opportunities to connect math concepts to the real world. Attendees will also learn to engage students in problem-posing tasks and promote problem solving, reasoning, and critical-thinking skills in student-centered classrooms.

Presentation to Publication (Open to All)

Presented by: Angela Barlow,

Have you presented at an NCTM conference and are ready to take the next step toward publication? Please join us on May 13 at 8 pm Eastern for a webinar and information session conducted by the Editor-in-Chief of MTLT, Angela Barlow. We will be discussing the steps for turning your presentation into an MTLT article and offering helpful advice and strategies for the process.

Unlocking Mathematical Potential: Integrating Equity, Executive Function, and Culturally Responsive Practices (Open to All)

Presented by: Beatrice (Bea) Moore Luchin, Adam Smith, Melynee Naegele,

Mathematics is a human endeavor, and math learning is informed by culture, lived experience, and identity. With knowledge and incorporation of culturally responsive practices in learning experience design, where do executive functions fit in? Join the EF+Math program to learn how we leverage executive function development along with explicit attention to culturally conscious design principles within our math learning approaches to realize the mathematical brilliance of all math learners.

EF+Math program is an initiative with the Advanced Education Research and Development Fund.

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