Trena Wilkerson

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Trena Wilkerson is the current President of NCTM, a mathematics education professor at Baylor University in Texas and taught high school mathematics in Louisiana. She loves teaching and learning mathematics with students, teachers, families, and well, everyone!

Trena Wilkerson.

Founder Human Right

Aug 03, 2021 07:06 PM EDT

Continuing the Journey: Mathematics Learning 2021 and Beyond


Jan 12, 2021 07:06 PM EDT

More Ideas from the Classroom on Using Children’s Literature to Make Real-World Mathematics Connections (Open to All)


Nov 17, 2020 07:06 PM EDT

Using Children's Literature to Make Real-World Mathematics Connections (Open to All)


Jul 29, 2020 07:06 PM EDT

Mathematics Leadership in Times of Unprecedented Change: Catalyzing, Building, and Sustaining Positive Change


May 26, 2020 07:06 PM EDT

Catalyzing Change Across All Levels: Opportunities and Challenges


Apr 06, 2020 07:06 PM EDT

From Knowns to Unknowns: A journey into Teaching Mathematics

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