Marian Dingle

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Marian Dingle has been an elementary school teacher for 21 years. Always passionate about math, her early career involved advocating for marginalized students and families. More recently, she has moved toward public advocacy, activism and scholarship, focused on the intersection between math and social justice. She has been a member of building and grade-level leadership teams, served on district math committees, been elected to the principal’s advisory committee, and mentors new educators.

As a Heinemann Fellow, she is currently researching the ways in which positive cultural identity affects student confidence, efficacy and academic performance. She speaks nationally about culturally responsive teaching and pushes the conversation through her blog, Twitter and in-person speaking. She has written for the new NCTM publication, Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12, the Global Math Department, and Education Week, and has been featured on podcasts. She is a member of the NCTM Classroom Resources Committee and the Teaching Tolerance Advisory Board.

Marian Dingle.

Founder Human Right

Apr 23, 2020 07:06 PM EDT

How We Move from Equality to Equity and Justice in Mathematics Teaching

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