Farshid Safi

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Dr. Safi focuses on developing prospective teachers’ conceptual understanding of elementary and secondary mathematics, as well as connecting mathematical topics through the use of technology and dynamic software. He uses an alternate base system to explore whole number concepts and operations with future elementary teachers, and utilizes dynamic technology to explore mathematical misconceptions and develop prospective secondary teachers’ conjecturing and questioning strategies. Furthermore, he is in the process of creating a mathematics education genealogy project documenting the development and evolution of the field of mathematics education and research literature.

Teaching Interests – Dr. Safi’s teaching primarily covers teaching calculus A and B as well as elementary and secondary mathematics education content and methods courses. He is very interested in creative ways to engage students in classroom discourse and regularly focuses on conceptual understanding of the subject matter. In addition, his pedagogical approaches emphasize multiple representations, use of technology and a problem solving approach from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Farshid Safi.

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Jun 18, 2020 07:06 PM EDT

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