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Connie Schrock is the 2017-19 president of NCSM and previously served as an NCSM Central 2 regional director plus NCSM 1st and 2nd vice-presidents. Dr. Schrock was the program chair for NCSM’s Annual Meeting in Boston. She was part of the author team for both NCSM’s Great Tasks for Mathematics Grades 6–12 and Grades K–5. Dr. Schrock is Professor of Mathematics at Emporia State University where she has received multiple award recognitions including Xi Phi Outstanding Faculty Member Award, the Liberal Arts and Science Outstanding Teaching and Service Awards and this past year was selected as ESU Outstanding Advisor 2017-2018. She teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate mathematics classes; including the middle and secondary mathematics methods course where she supervises mathematics student teachers and works with classroom teachers. Connie has previously served as president of the Kansas Association of Teachers of Mathematics. Dr. Schrock was elected the National Historian for Kappa Mu Epsilon, a mathematics honor society. In addition, she served as program chair for AMTE’s 2008 Annual Meeting.

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Translanguaging to Persevere: Exploring Latinx Bilingual Students’ Collective Problem-solving

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