Past Recordings

Black Boy Joy in Mathematics: Elevating the Voices of Black Boys and Men (Open to All)

Presented by: Robert Q. Berry III,

This session will focus on Black Boy Joy in mathematics by reviewing best practices and programmatic efforts with mathematics. Specifically, this session will focus on additional learning opportunities outside school mathematics. The voices of Black boys will elevate joy as the construction of mathematical identity and agency. Additionally, the voices of Black men in mathematics and mathematics education will provide insights for supporting Black Boy Joy.

MTLT Journal Club Meeting

Presented by:

Join us for the MTLT Journal Club’s July 5 meeting, from 7:00–8:00 p.m. Eastern. Join Lawrence M. Lesser as he discusses his legacy article, "Sound Off! Staring Down Stereotypes," from the April 2014 issue of Mathematics Teacher (Vol. 107, Issue 8). A 2-minute introduction to the article is at NCTM members and nonmembers are welcome. Registration is required.

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