Past Recordings

Expanding Conceptions of Mathematical Ability at Intersections of Race, Gender, and Other Social Differences through Classroom Teaching Practices (Open to All)

Presented by: Luis Leyva,
Grades: 3rd to 5th

In this webinar, Dr. Luis Leyva presents findings from his research on the experiences of mathematics instruction among students from historically marginalized groups to illustrate how classroom practices reinforce and disrupt exclusionary constructions of ability. The presentation highlights how dominant markers of mathematical ability (e.g., accuracy, independent work, speed) often collide with oppressive realities (e.g., stereotypes, disparities of access to advanced mathematics) to shape instruction as a racialized-gendered experience. Specifically, students from historically marginalized backgrounds report how instruction that leaves oppressive realities unchecked can create an inequitable distribution of classroom participation, which limits recognition of their ability and opportunities to develop positive identities in mathematics. Dr. Leyva concludes with implications for practice in mathematics classroom instruction to disrupt racialized-gendered constructions of ability and foster equitable learning opportunities. 

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MTLT Journal Club Meeting

Presented by:

Join us for the MTLT Journal Club’s August 2nd meeting, from 7:00–8:00 p.m. Eastern. Join From the Archives department editor, Lou Matthews as he discusses the legacy article, "Overcoming the ‘Run’ Response," from the September 2013 issue of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School (Vol. 19, Issue 2). NCTM members and nonmembers are welcome. Registration is required.

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