Opening Session

Opening Session:  Climbing Out of Equity Traps and Tropes

Wednesday, October 25, 2023
5:30–7:00 PM ET

Many of our district and school equity efforts focus on oversimplified quick fixes and implementation of off-the-shelf solutions. While we may feel a sense of urgency to address deep-rooted equity issues, our attempts are often thwarted by landmines that can be identified and removed through strategic analysis and creative action. In this keynote, Dr. Dugan lays out common equity traps and tropes that can undermine our well-intentioned efforts. Through storytelling and real world examples, we explore why it is so hard to move equity work forward while beginning to find the courage to move toward next generation models for school transformation and unhinge ourselves from a legacy of “implementation” over imagination.


Jamila Dugan

Jamila Dugan

Jamila Dugan, JD Learning Partners, San Diego, California