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High School Mathematics Lessons to Explore, Understand, and Respond to Social Injustice 
By Robert Q. Berry III, Basil Conway, Brian Lawler, and John Staley 
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This book explains how to teach mathematics for self- and community-empowerment. It walks teachers step-by-step through the process of using mathematics—across all high school content domains—as a tool to explore issues of social injustice including environmental injustice; wealth inequality; food insecurity; and gender, LGBTQ, and racial discrimination. 


Strengths-Based Teaching and Learning in Mathematics: 5 Teaching Turnarounds for Grades K–6 
By Beth Kobett and Karen Karp 
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What if instead of focusing on what students haven’t mastered, we identify their mathematical strengths and build on students’ points of power? This book highlights five key teaching turnarounds are presented: identify teaching strengths, leverage students’ strengths, design instruction from a strengths-based perspective, help students identify their points of power, and promote strengths in the school community. 


Humanizing Disability in Mathematics Education: Forging New Paths 
By Paulo Tan, Alexis Padilla, Erica N. Mason, and James Sheldon 
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This book enhances the practices of mathematics teachers by extending the concepts of access, equity, and empowerment to include students living with all types of disabilities. These students are rarely thought of as mathematics doers and thinkers, and so are seldom offered opportunities to engage in mathematics in meaningful and connected ways. Humanizing Disability examines the current mindset and pedagogy that students with different learning needs encounter and then offers strategies and practices to humanize the mathematics experience for these students.  


Teaching Math to Multilingual Students, Grades K–8  
By Kathryn B. Chval, Erin Smith, Lina Trigos-Carrillo, and Rachel J. Pinnow 
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Based on best practices and the authors’ years of research, this guide offers practical approaches that equip K–grade 8 teachers to draw on the strengths of multilingual learners, partner with their families, and position these learners for success. Readers will find a focus on multilingual students as leaders; a strength-based approach that draws on students’ life experiences and cultural backgrounds; and strategies for representing concepts in different formats. Case studies and activities are included that provide a solid foundation for teachers’ growth and exploration. 

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