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One Hundred Problems Involving the Number 100 

By G. Patrick Vennebush 
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The problems in One Hundred Problems Involving the Number 100 celebrate the “Goldilocks” charm of 100—a number not too small, not too large, but just right to challenge students without intimidating them. The problems are designed to promote classroom discourse, allowing students to think deeply about mathematical concepts and learn problem-solving strategies as well as to make connections between different topics in mathematics. The purpose of the problems is to promote a variety of problem-solving strategies. A range of mathematical topics from patterns, conversions, and sums and series to number theory, functions, probability and statistics, and geometry are covered. 

Coming Soon! One Hundred Problems Involving the Number 100 (Student Book)

By G. Patrick Vennebush 

The book will provide a consumable copy for students to use, which will allow teachers to easily implement the problems from One Hundred Problems Involving the Number 100 (teacher version).  

Living Tree 
The Living Tree of Mathematics: Mathematics of Middle School Curriculum through the Lens of History

By Vera Sarina

The Living Tree takes the deep content knowledge that middle school teachers and students struggle with and places it at its roots and origins in history. The rich material for culturally responsive pedagogy is provided by relevant historical vignettes and alternative mathematical approaches. 

Activity Gems 9-12 
Activity Gems for the Classroom Series

By Peggy House, Sharon Stenglein, and Roger Day 

The selected and adapted sets of lessons incorporated in this series were chosen from NCTM’s Navigations series, with particular emphasis given to incorporating the Mathematics Teaching Practices in NCTM’s Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All. Teachers can use these lessons to help their students build on the foundation of their earlier instruction, expand their mathematical thinking into new areas, and advance in understanding and confidence. 

      Becoming a Teacher of Mathematical Modeling
    Becoming a Teacher of Mathematical Modeling

    by Elizabeth G. Arnold, Elizabeth A. Burroughs, Mary Alice Carlson, Elizabeth W. Fulton, and Megan H. Wickstrom 

    Available in PK-Grade 5 and Grades 6-12 bands, both books focus on what it means to teach modeling. Split into three parts each, the books center on how modeling can empower students by helping teachers grow and by sharing wisdom from other teachers. 


    Coming Soon! Success Stories for Catalyzing Change

    By Karen Graham, Robert Q. Berry III, Sarah Bush, and DeAnn Huinker

    The Catalyzing Change series provides clear recommendations for PK-12 to ensure the highest quality mathematics education for each and every student. This edited book shares authentic stories highlighting how teachers, schools, districts, and states are implementing the key recommendations of broadening the purposes of learning mathematics, dismantling inequitable structures, implementing equitable instruction, and developing deep mathematical understanding.

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