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S3D: Fostering and Improving Small-Group, Student-to-Student Discourse 
By Sarah Quebec Fuentes 
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Productive small-group work affords many opportunities for students to develop a deep understanding of mathematics. This book provides a step-by-step plan of action for creating a classroom in which small groups engage in their own deep mathematical discourse—without the constant intervention of their teacher—and every student’s voice is heard. The S3D process is specifically designed to empower teachers to study their own practice and then learn how to improve their students’ ability to effectively communicate with one another in a small-group setting. 


The Math Pact: Achieving Instructional Coherence Within and Across Grades 

Expanded from the highly popular "Rules That Expire" series of NCTM articles, this series guides educators through the collaborative step-by-step process of establishing a coherent and consistent learner-centered and equitable approach to mathematics instruction. Through this work, you will identify, streamline, and become passionate about using clear and consistent mathematical language, notations, representations, rules, and generalizations within and across classrooms and grades. Importantly, you will learn to avoid "rules that expire"—tricks that may seem to help students in one grade but hurt in the long run.  

  • Elementary 
    By Karen S. Karp, Barbara J. Dougherty, and Sarah B. Bush 
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  • Middle School 
    By Sarah B. Bush, Karen S. Karp, and Barbara J. Dougherty 
    Stock #: 16036 List price: $ 33.95 
  • High School 
    By Barbara J. Dougherty, Sarah B. Bush, and Karen S. Karp 
    Stock #: 16037 List price: $ 33.95 

Teaching Math at a Distance, Grades K–12: A Practical Guide to Rich Remote Instruction 
By Theresa Wills 
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This powerful guide equips K–grade 12 math teachers to translate research-based, equitable, rigorous, face-to-face mathematics instruction into an online venue. You will learn how to build student’s agency, promote mathematical thinking, incorporate rich mathematics tasks, and recognize and address equity and inclusion challenges associated with distance learning.  


Mathematics Unit Planning Series 

The authors provide a framework for collectively planning a unit of study. Teams learn to identify what students need to know by the end of each unit and how to build student self-efficacy. The authors use the PLC at Work process for increasing mathematics achievement, and answer the four critical questions of a PLC, they provide students with a more equitable learning experience.  

  • PK–Grade 2  
    By Sarah Schuhl et al. 
    Stock #: 16059 List price: $31.95 
  • Grades 3–5 
    By Sarah Schuhl et al. 
    Stock #: 16019 List price: $31.95 
  • Grades 6–8 
    By Sarah Schuhl et al. 
    Stock #: 16045 List price: $33.95 
  • High School 
    By Bill Barnes et al. 
    Stock #: 16068 List price: $31.95 
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