Becoming a Teacher of Mathematical Modeling, Grades 6-12

  • Becoming a Teacher of Mathematical Modeling, Grades 6-12

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    Elizabeth G. Arnold, Elizabeth A. Burroughs, Mary Alice Carlson, Elizabeth W. Fulton, and Megan H. Wickstrom

    This book explores what it means to teach modeling. In part I, the authors discuss mathematical modeling broadly and allow you to explore the student practices and perspectives involved, how modeling can empower students, and classroom communities that support modeling. In part II, the authors launch you on your journey of becoming a teacher of modeling by illustrating features of modeling that are evident in the classrooms of teacher who engage their students in modeling and by sharing specific strategies for making modeling a part of your own classroom practices. In part III, they examine the complementary perspectives of mathematical and statistical models, the role of modeling in the secondary mathematics curriculum, and the role of technology in supporting modeling. Finally, they share wisdom from other teachers who have engaged in this journey and invite you to join in the modeling community.

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    Published 10/22/2021
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