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    Sep 26, 2023
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    Math Organizations Leadership Network The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) is proud to be a part of the Launch Years Math Organizations Leadership Network (LY-MathLN). This network has just released a new Call to Action Statement that calls on the mathematics, statistics, and educat

    Aug 3, 2023
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    The NCTM Mathematics Education Trust (MET) is excited to announce that the application window is now open for 20 grants, with more than $100,000 in funding available.
    Jul 10, 2023
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    Understanding that large-scale assessments are assessments given to a population of students to measure student achievement for the purpose of educational accountability, including identifying gaps in curriculum, recognizing groups of students who are being underserved, and setting and achieving system-wide goals, NCTM has released the following position statement on Large-Scale Assessments in Mathematics Education to Guide Systemic Improvement and Equitable Student Learning.  
    Jun 6, 2023
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    The Mathematics Education Trust (MET) is excited to announce the 2023 NCTM Lifetime Achievement Award recipients.

    May 30, 2023
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    The Mathematics Education Trust (MET) of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is excited to announce the establishment of the new Lee V. Stiff Fundused to award an annual Equity in Mathematics Grant in his honor. The grant will support teachers focused on creating learning experiences that remove barriers for historically marginalized students to engage and achieve in mathematics.
    May 23, 2023
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    NCTM announces change to program review services for licensure, certification, and/or endorsement of Secondary and Middle Level Mathematics teacher education programs and Elementary Mathematics Specialist advanced programs.
    May 22, 2023
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    Recognizing the importance of using advances in technology to increase opportunities, and drive deeper interest and understanding in mathematics, NCTM has released a new position statement on Equitable Integration of Technology for Mathematics Learning.
    May 19, 2023
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    NCTM is excited to announce we are partnering with international film and broadcasting company, WebsEdge, to bring "NCTM TV" to the NCTM 2023 Annual Meeting & Exposition.
    Dec 22, 2022
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    It is with sadness that we announce the passing of James W. Wilson, who will be remembered for his significant influence on the mathematics education community, leadership and research nationally and internationally.

    Oct 24, 2022
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    2022 NAEP Math Scores Reinforce Why Systemic Change Is Needed in Mathematics Education. 2022 NAEP Math Scores Reinforce Why Systemic Change Is Needed in Mathematics Education. Reston, Va. - October 24, 2022 - Lower mathematics scores for grades 4 and 8 in the 2020 National Assessment of Educational Progress

    Jun 15, 2022
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    2022 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient The Mathematics Education Trust (MET) has selected Carolyn Maher as the 2022 recipient of the NCTM Lifetime Achievement Award .  The award honors NCTM members who have exhibited a lifetime of achievement in mathematics education at the national level. Maher will

    Apr 19, 2022
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    Statement on Using Mathematics for Divisiveness Statement on Using Mathematics for Divisiveness Students, teachers, and schools lose whenever mathematics is used for political gain and divisiveness. Access to equitable mathematics learning, coupled with rigorous and engaging instruction that is supportive, foc

    Jan 18, 2022

    NCTM Has Partnered with ASSISTments to Solve “Figure This!” Problems NCTM is excited to announce that we have partnered with ASSISTments to offer you NCTM's “ Figure This! ” problems in the ASSISTments platform. What is ASSISTments? ASSISTments is a math practice and assessment system that empowers te

    Nov 29, 2021

    MTLT Mentions Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12 (MTLT) is an NCTM journal with a unique point of view-your view as a practicing teacher of mathematics. MTLT offers readers a plethora of relevant articles and enriching, useful departments that have been enhanced with digital content.

    Aug 17, 2021
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    NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition in Atlanta Cancelled Due to the growing impact of the Delta variant and our concern for the health and safety of attendees, their families, and students, the 2021 NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition in Atlanta, September 22-25, has been cancelled. As you can imag

    Jun 4, 2021
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    Congratulations to the 2021 NCTM Lifetime Achievement Award recipients!  The Mathematics Education Trust (MET) has selected Marta Civil, Elizabeth Fennema, and Steven Leinwand as recipients of the NCTM Lifetime Achievement Award.
    Apr 19, 2021
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    Math Educators from Across the Country “Gather” for Nation’s Premier Math Education Event Keynote Speakers Include Robert Moses and Danny Glover Reston, Va. - April 19, 2021 - During an unprecedented year for education, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) will host its annual meeti

    Apr 2, 2021

    NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition in Atlanta NCTM has been vocal in its condemnation of racism and discrimination in all forms. Recent legislation restricting voting rights in Georgia has compelled NCTM to consider the impact of holding the NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition in Atlanta. NCTM supports

    Mar 23, 2021
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    We note with sadness the March 19, 2021, passing of Lee V. Stiff, who led the Council, initiated change in our field, and positively and significantly influenced many people.
    Mar 19, 2021
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    We are witnessing violence and threats of violence towards our most vulnerable. This includes the Atlanta-area mass shootings that led to the killing of eight people, including six Asian women. We cannot ignore these threats...

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