NCTM Program Review Service Ending Following the Spring 2024 Cycle

  • May 23, 2023

    NCTM Program Review Service Ending Following the Spring 2024 Cycle

    Following the completion of the Spring 2024 cycle the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) will cease to offer the service of program review for licensure, certification, and/or endorsement of Secondary and Middle Level Mathematics teacher education programs and Elementary Mathematics Specialist advanced programs. New submission will be accepted for the Fall 2023 cycle. Only Revised and Response to Conditions reports will be reviewed in Spring 2024. NCTM will not review SPA Reports in the Fall 2024.
    The decision, made by the NCTM Board of Directors, is an effort to be fiscally responsible for the Council while also providing lead time to programs and institutions working towards report submission. The decision to no longer offer this service does not diminish NCTM's backing and commitment to quality standards for the preparation of mathematics teachers, specialists, and leaders.
    NCTM stands behind our 2020 Standards for Mathematics Teacher Preparation Programs and encourages programs and institutions to use these standards to guide their work.
    Once NCTM's services end, providers offering middle level and secondary mathematics educator preparation programs and seeking accreditation through CAEP will be able to select from:

    • the State Review option and use state standards and associated review protocols in the area of mathematics licensure and/or, 
    • adopt the NCTM Standards to conduct internal review of their programs for the CAEP Evidence Review of Standard 1/A.1 option as directed by the state. 

    Programs that receive National Recognition from NCTM by the Spring of 2024 will be listed on the CAEP website as nationally recognized until the expiration of that status.

    • For questions pertaining to current NCTM standards or submission on or before Spring 2024, contact Dr. Irma Cruz White, NCTM SPA Coordinator at [email protected]
    • For questions pertaining to mathematics program reviews after Spring 2024, contact CAEP at [email protected]